5 Essential Qualities of a good pool builder

This might give you a few information on the important aspect when finding a good pool builder. The problem with people now a days is they do not even research or ask the opinion of other people if they had a good experience with the company. Also some companies just build pools with substandard materials. This guide will help you get through when choosing the right pool builder. So what to look out for?

Number of Years in Service

This is very crucial, potential clients of the service must learn how to ask this question. How long have they been in service? and which location? do they have permits and etc. You ask who are the clients they had work with and in addition ask the number of these clients so you can call them in the future.

Not only does this make them feel that they need to please you, but also it builds up your reputation as someone who is serious about a company’s work output. This has been one of the tips of a good company in Melbourne and this is their website Aussiepoolexpert they said that your pool is as good as art and must not be taken so lightly and this is your spa or pool that they are working with. They must show good reputation. If something does not feel right, or you sense they are some mediocre company then find another pool builder. Simple as that.

Number of Workers

Number of people working on the site, in which they are doing the hands on job in building the pool. How many staff does the company has, how many will they be working in your pool? If he says only 1 then you know it’s not logical or even worth it to push through with it. I suggest around 3-5 people should work for the company on site. That means they work more efficiently and also the owner of the company shows he can afford the wages of these workers in which indicates company stability.

Builders Certificate

They should have a proof that they had passed the standard of constructing a swimming pool. If they can not even present this to you, then something is up, it means that they are doing substandard work and must avoid doing business with these kind of company. If they even tell you that they did not get any inspection or some kind of permit to get cheaper prices, then it is not worth it at all. After a few years there is a chance that your swimming pool might even be broken. This is an important aspect, you should also see their equipment, proper tools is essential in pool building, if you do not see appropriate tools, how are they supposed to build your pool fast and efficiently. Let us give you a good example, look at the video of one of our partners in the business. They have the right tools in which gained them the edge in the industry in their area. (please observe the equipment in use)

Ask for second opinion

Usually people just get sold to the company after a few chit chat, it seems they do not seem to care to ask for second opinion. Ask other people who have a experience getting their pool built, for example your neighbor, family members or even friends. Ask them which company did a good job and which company they had a bad experience with.

Choose many and select one

In order for you to find quality builders, you must be willing to find them in Facebook or just search them online. List all the numbers that are near your area, then call them 1 by 1 and ask them a quote. Do not tell tell them that you are going to be your client just yet. Ask the quote first, analyze the pricing, and see the average price in which these companies give you. Then select the best one, We are sure that they will give you some good packages along the way.

There you have it, hope you enjoy it. Be sure to share our article to your family and friends.

Note: while the company is building, please do monitor them so you can be aware of the daily update by observing their work. This also prevents them being too relaxed.

Why pools deteriorate

Caring for your swimming pool is a difficult task, it usually requires chemicals and sometimes even a lot of maintenance work. This article will show you what are the contributing factors that makes the swimming not so much appealing.



UV rays of the sun destroys the tile color of the pool. In addition, it also breaks the cement due to heat. This usually start of as a crack and breaks the paint first and then breaks the cement as well after some time. Heat also contributes to the white stain that can be noticed in the tiles that disappears when wet. Sunlight also contributes in algae growth in which is not really common in cold areas.


This chemical is essential to swimming pools because it prevents bacterial growth. The problem with this one is that it contributes largely to taking off the paint of the pools. The chemical is so strong that the paints in the pools starts to fade off or even peel off because most of the paints are not suitable for underwater conditions.


Heat due to sunlight expands the pool, and at the same time when it is night time, it contracts because of cold temperature. You cant do anything about this because you can not control the weather. But there is a solution in which can greatly help, and this is by buying a heater to maintain the pool temperature.

Poor water circulation

When your pump is not strong enough then we will encounter a lot of problems. Bacteria growth can cloud the pool and this is due to slow circulation of water in which the pump helps filter out dirty contaminants. Leaves and other organic things thrown in the pool can contaminate the pool and contributes to bad water quality. This is the reason why filtering them out is very important.

Poor swimming pool design

In designing a pool, one must consider that the water flows freely and is distributed well. Some areas of the people specially when it is large, commonly they stay in one area of the pool in which it is hard for the water to flow. Which leads to poor circulation then bacteria growth, and then other complications that the swimming pool can result into.

Poor lighting

Pools are designed to be used by humans, in which it must be viewed in a favorable manner. The problem with common pools is that they lack a lot of lighting. Lighting is very important for visibility at night, and this also adds to the beauty of the swimming pool making it technically safe to use at night or when the pool is situated indoors.


Alright that is a few of the major factors. Hope you guys get some good idea with the tips. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


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